Fullstack software engineer

Who you are

You are a passionate and empathetic individual. A builder at heart that likes to solve unique challenges in a fast-paced environment. You have the ability to perform multiple tasks and help your teammates level up.

You seek feedback from your teammates and consider it an opportunity to grow. Similarly, you like to provide feedback.


  • Honesty
  • Being able to communicate your ideas clearly
  • Positive attitude - Go-getter
  • Growth mentality
  • Being able to read the room and communicate accordingly
  • Being collaborative and helping your teammates level up

What you will be doing

You will be building and contributing to new features, scoping & planning, code reviews, and working with the product team to drive product development forward. As a full stack developer, you will have a say in the architecture, introduce new ways of thinking about either stack, and own features end to end.

The backend is built on Typescript with GraphQL and Postgresql. Our stack uses TypeORM to communicate with our Database. The stack is hosted on AWS, we use Fargate, ECS, and RDS. You will have the chance to contribute to any of this.

The frontend is built on Typescript with Nextjs, Chakra UI for styles, react-hook-form, yup for validations, and cypress for end-to-end testing. You will be working with the product designer to translate designs into code.

When onboarding, you will be paired with one of your team members, who will walk you through the project and help you through your first feature.

Additionally, you will:

  • Build performant, scalable, and responsive user interfaces that power Archie's innovative products
  • Contribute to Archie's financial tools web-app platform (Invoice Lifecycle, Campaign Management, Responsive Dashboards, Accounting & Reporting) and/or user interfaces for third-party applications/external-facing APIs
  • Help establish and influence engineering processes, tools, and systems that will allow us to scale the code base, productivity, and the team.
  • Build lean and performant APIs
  • Design and implement database migrations

Things we want to see

  • 7+ years building web applications
  • Experience
    • Writing applications in NodeJS with Typescript
    • Integrating GraphQL into React Clients
    • Using Server-side rendering via NextJs/GatsbyJS
    • Building dashboards
    • Building user interfaces with role-based Authentication & Authorization strategies
    • Writing Unit tests
    • working with Relational Databases (PostgresSQL)
    • with DynamoDB, Redis, and ElasticSearch
    • with scalable backend APIs
    • caching with Redis and queue with BullMQ
    • user authentication and authorization between multiple servers and environments through AWS Cognito Services
  • Brownie points
    • If you have extensive knowledge of CSS & accessibility best practices
    • If you are user-experience centric
    • If you have experience writing E2E tests using the cypress testing framework
    • If you build or have built production-ready applications using React-Native
  • Even better if you have experience using AWS services like AWS Beanstalk, AWS Amplify, and AWS Cognito have worked with payment integrations such as Plaid and Dwolla

First-month onboarding roadmap

  • On day 1, you will be submitting a small pull request for bug fixes. You will also be paired with one of your teammates for onboarding to get familiarized with the application and various features.
  • By the end of week 1, you should have completed 1 on 1 intro calls with all members of the engineering team and cross-functional team. You will also be introduced to your first co-feature.
  • By week 2, you will start contributing to your first feature.
  • By week 3, you will be working towards delivering your first feature. Additionally, you will start on-call rotations.