Careers at Archie
Careers at Archie

Careers at Archie

We're building a better-served creative freelance economy

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Talent, Meet Archie

The future of work

Did you know that there are currently 60 million freelancers in the US, and in 2020 alone, they earned upwards of $700 billion? Highly skilled "Creatives" (think graphic designers, photographers, and influencers) represent 20% of this market and nearly 60% of the income. And it's only getting more impressive. By 2027, there will be 80+ million Freelancers representing the majority of the total US workforce. The truth is, even for businesses that have been hiring freelancers for years, no existing process is ready for this kind of scale.

As the market grows at an astronomical pace, our team is here to bring back the pleasure of doing business by making the space easy to navigate. We truly believe that driving the workforce forward means building intuitive tools for everyone — so we set out to create solutions for businesses AND the freelancers they hire. And the party is just getting started.

Our team — with backgrounds from Facebook, Venmo, and Square — is excited that you’re interested in joining us for the ride. 🚀

💸 We’re backed by some of the world’s leading investors, like B Capital Group, MaC Ventures, Worklife VC and Hof VC as well as the founders of companies like Cameo, Ramp, Facebook, Lambda School, and Eight Sleep.

So, what do we do? Much more than cold, hard financial tools...

We build software that makes it seamless for businesses to onboard, manage, and pay freelancers on flexible payment terms. The way they currently work with freelancers is manual and wildly inefficient — using outdated software or tools that aren't fitting for this new way of working. The result is a fragmented workflow. More specifically, it wastes time and money for the businesses + causes ambiguity and late payments for freelancers. So, we decided to rebuild the infrastructure from the ground up. In short, we simplify freelancing where it matters the most on (and in) paper: money. We believe in a future where there is no more "us" versus "them" when it comes to the freelancer/business relationship.

Fun fact - our platform allows businesses to offer first-of-its-kind flexible payment terms (replacing Net30 with Net1) to their freelancers. Sounds small, but it's a big deal — we're empowering people with options and financial security.

Archie, Meet Talent

Open Opportunities

Ready to start grooving with us? Dive in and apply below. We can't wait to keep the party going with you.

Founding Product Designer
Sales Lead
Software Engineer | Backend
Software Engineer | Frontend
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Our Promise

We want you to bring your own special sauce and perspective to work every day. At Archie, you will feel heard, respected, and equal no matter what your title is.

Regardless of your age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, religion, physical or mental ability, or ethnicity — Archie is a safe space for all.

Things We Live By

🎯 Be stubborn on the vision, flex on the details

📣 Give honest feedback, always

🧨 Obsess about the problem

🔮 Bring creative solutions to complex problems

🛠️ Be a builder and take ownership

💧 Win with transparency

Fast Facts

📍HQ is in Brooklyn, NY (sharing space with two other startups in Williamsburg)

🏝️ Remote work is welcomed (but send us postcards, please)

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The Founders

Archie was founded in 2021 by Yunas Reguero 🇵🇷, Dylan Hattem 🇺🇸 and Cassandra Aaron 🇿🇦🇦🇺. We're a diverse team of serial entrepreneurs, product experts and creative agency operators.

At our core, we are humans who love disco and Bad Bunny...but we connect through our obsession with building better financial tools that improve people's lives.

“Building Archie is waking up every day and knowing that we are able to help humans achieve better financial prosperity and peace of mind. It is such a game-changing feeling.”

Alejandro Roman - Founding Engineer (prev Venmo)


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